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Fundraising Efforts

My course, at Menuhin School, started in 2010 - 

1) page 12








5) in activity description



Recital in May 2019 to raise funds for school in Pakistan -


2) 6th cartoon



Doing my bit to raise funds for a new music centre, more than £2 million, for Monkton Combe School near Bath - 

1) page 62


2) page 31, 2nd paragraph -


3) page 24



Recording in April 2020, for an education outreach programme, for Opera Holland Park - 




Working with Concordia Foundation, their first patron was Yehudi Menuhin - 

1) Yehudi Menuhin mentioned three seconds in, I am on from 02:57


2) page 1, 5th paragraph down + page 4


3) from newsletter No.35: 21st anniversary issue



Photo with Yehudi Menuhin, from 1996 (the School itself has the original colour photo I think) - 




Two sketches in 2018 of myself performing with Alberto Portugheis, who runs HUFUD (Humanity United For Universal Demilitarisation) - 





Helping with an award (Malaysia's 60th anniversary) for three young Malaysians who came to my course at Menuhin School - 

1) first page top left


2) 2nd page bottom right





Helping to set up two performances for young pianists from the Keyboard Charitable Trust, at The Church of the Immaculate Conception, Farm Street - 

1) first sentence



From the 2020 Charity Ball, playing solo piano recitals to raise funds for The Church of the Immaculate Conception, Farm Street - 


Serving on committees for educational societies - 




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